8:30           Registration

9:30           Introductory remarks by Minerva Tantoco

9:40           Language intelligence: understanding words and speech [Keynote] by Slav Petrov

10:10          Connections and lexicons in big data: some possibilities from the academia by Peter Bearman

10:30         Coffee Break

11:10           Lightning talks


Pathways: the art of small data by Mimi Onuoha (Data & Society Research Institute)

Mexico from space: how to obtain, process and calibrate a time series of night light satellite images to estimate the economic growth of the Mexican Federal Entities by Carlos Petricioli (Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico & Data Science for Social Good fellowship)

A compstat approach for the opioid epidemic by Joe Studholme (Princeton Integrative Rx Analytics)

Datamicroscopes: bayesian nonparametric models in Python by Jessica Forde, Tim Hopper, Stephen Tu and Eric Jonas (Qadium)

11:40           The structural virality of online diffusion by Jake Hofman

12:00          Harnessing data to change banking for good by Philip Kim

12:20          Ethics in the practice of data science by Josh Schwartz

12:40          Lunch Break

14:00          Bringing data science into the c-suite [Keynote] by Murli Buluswar

14:30          Learning in the Sunshine: analysis of local government email corpora by Hanna Wallach

14:50          The majority view from inside social cascades by Haile Owusu

15:10          Finding planets around other stars with methods from data science by David Hogg

15:30         Coffee Break

16:10          Lightning talks


Using Spotify to measure the popularity of older music by Matthew Daniels 

Predictive machine learning models give personalized real-time business strategies on the digital Wall Street Journal by Aparna Kumar (Dow Jones & Co.)

Online distributed algorithms for dimensionality reduction, clustering and feature discovery in large datasets by Cengiz Pehlevan and Dmitri Chklovskii (Simons Center for Data Analysis)

Humanitarian data exchange by Luis Capelo (The United Nations)

16:40         Making data work at Betaworks by Gilad Lotan

17:00         Panel on Civic and Municipal Data


Catherine Williams (Chief data scientist at AppNexus)
Ben Wellington (I QUANT NY, visiting professor at Pratt)
Gregory Dobler (Research scientist at NYU CUSP)
Amen Ra Mashariki (Chief Analytics Officer at New York City) 
John Krauss (Fellow at NYU GovLab)

17:40         Happy hour