Call for submissions


DataPoint2015 will feature presentations by NYC data science community on projects they are excited about. The program will feature the newest applications, most clever solutions and tools you’ll want to share with your colleagues when you get back to the office. We know you’ve been working on something that fits that description, so let us put you on stage to share it!

Deadline for submission is September 7th, 2015.


The best submissions will

  • focus on novel challenges and problem solving
  • avoid business jargon and sales pitches
  • be presented by those who worked on the project
  • share a reproducible example, open sourced tool or active repository
  • get bonus points for a pro-social impact

DataPoint2015 will mix two presentation formats:

  • 20 minute
  • 5 minute

Submitters may choose to submit for 5 or 20 minute sessions, but being open to either format will increase chance of acceptance. In addition to accepted talks, the program will feature invited speakers and panel discussions.


Presenter's phone number
Presenter's phone number
Industry *
Anyone other than the presenter who should be credited for their work on the project.
An elevator pitch of the talk (max 1000 characters). This will be on the website and in the conference program.